Makers of Budapest provides an overview of the varied and rich scene of contemporary craft designers in Budapest by creating a living imprint of our times and drawing a creative map of Budapest.

Our book is a fusion in both language and style. In parallel English and Hungarian, it  melds the illustrated art book with the design guide, featuring 38 designers and 22 shops of our native Budapest. It is equally informative, aesthetically pleasing and functional, serving as a creative guidebook and illustrated anthology of design. In addition to the makers, which are grouped by design field, the shops and galleries where the objects are available are also listed, as well as the designers’ own workshops. To help locate them, the shops and studios are displayed on an additional map of the city. 

Publisher: Bomo Press, Bomo Art Budapest Kft.
Concept: Boldizsár Károly, Hoffmann Petra
Text: Hoffmann Petra
Photography: Rácmolnár Milán
Graphic concept and layout: Bárdy Anna
Typeface: Laslo typeface by Hungarumlaut
Print: Elektroproduct Nyomdaipari Kft.
Project photos: Lakosi Krisztián, L2 studio

© 2021 Anna Bárdy

Graphic design & Art direction