STORE 5621 is a small shop in the heart of Budapest’s downtown. The owner’s inspiration to open a shop for selected vintage menswear - was filling the gap in Budapest in early 2016 - came when he visited Koenji during a journey to Tokyo. Koenji claims the title of Tokyo's coolest neighbourhood, famed for its underground music scene and niche vendors carrying a variety of vintage products, mainly clothes from all over the world.

The name came from the distance between Budapest and Tokyo, which is exactly 5621 miles. The idea behind the visual identity was travelling, and of course hints of Japanese feel. The globe recalls the eighties’ travel agencies, which fits the concept of the shop: vintage stock from overseas, namely from Japan.

Campaign photography: Éva Szombat, Éva Deák
Graphic design & art direction: Anna Bárdy
Year: 2016

© 2021 Anna Bárdy

Graphic design & Art direction