In 2016, Supermarket Gallery intended to rebrand their visual identity to reflect the character of their new specializations - wierd contemporary and classical vintage photography.
In the past few years Supermarket Gallery was dealing with multiple media, such as fine art installations, graphic arts and photography. When Linda founded the gallery it aimed to gain recognition for its pop inspired identity and comic-like style. While Linda has kept emphasis on precious contemporary selection, the medium has shifted towards her main interest, social documentary photography.
Our goal was to design a more concentrated and fresh look to the enterprise, emphasizing the concept of being a platform to the works of selected artists. We found it also important to reflect on the basic association of "supermarketness" by multiplying the logotype on certain graphic surfaces.

Graphic design & art direction: Anna Bárdy
Year: 2016

© 2021 Anna Bárdy

Graphic design & Art direction