Object photos: Krisztián Zana
Texts: Linda Lendvai
Art direction, Graphic design: Anna Bárdy
Year: 2016

Branding, Web design

Éva Zavadzky is a ceramic artist, living and working in Budapest, Hungary. She has a varied practice that involves pottery and ceramic sculptures. Her early works are a series of offbeat and irregular reinventions of classical Chinese and glazed ceramics – small-scale, brightly colored sculptures with perfectly worked glaze and painted surfaces in which she achieved a playful balance between form and coating. With her pieces of pottery she was also in a constant play with the abstract, in a mixture of functional and the non-functional elements. In her building ceramics – public sculptures and reliefs – vivid colors and fairly crafted glazy surfaces appear.

The identity I designed for Éva, is based on the playful and cheery attitude that hallmarks her works. The visual system is built upon the recurrent motif of dots that often appears on her objects. The accent of the name is replaced by a dot in the logotype. The first- and the surname are switched, which is a playful gesture when one operates with bilingulal information. The colors I used are derived from the patterns of Éva’s ceramic works. Businesscards are printed with golden foil which reflects the artist's habit to use thin golden glazed lines on the edges of the vases. On other graphic surfaces – like online/offline invitation cards or the website – bigger-scale dots come up accidentally in static or dynamic ways, depending on the type of the surface.

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